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IPVanish VPN explained and coupon codes

Why do you need a VPN from IPVanish, and how will coupon codes make that experience even better?

Let’s get into it. First, we need to explain what a VPN is, why you need one, and how you will benefit from using one.

A Virtual Private Network is a start of the art system that’s been designed to help hide your identity online, secure your connections, and help you stay safe.


When using a TV box to stream online content it is always recommended to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service, such as those provided by IPVanish. By using a VPN you can not only access content that will be restricted to you, but you can also purchase items at a cheaper price than they would normally be in your country. Apart from these benefits, a VPN can offer you a level of security online that your ISP can not provide.

Using a VPN is not actually a necessity when using a TV box or any other device online. You will still be able to access content based and designed for here in Australia, but you will not be able to access UK or US restricted content, or any other content restricted to a particular country.

While there are several cheap and free options available, using anything but a quality service will defeat the purpose of buying a media streaming device. A cheap or free VPN will be slow, painfully slow and unreliable. They may not be able to bypass services like Netflix, and support will not exist. They also fail to hide your identity at the same level as a premium service. But here’s the best thing. A cheap VPN is not that much cheaper than the best VPN, but they’re not even half as good.

We recommend a top-tier VPN and the best in the industry for privacy. IPVanish has repeatedly taken out top place for many online VPN reviews for security and privacy, and is the most recommended in the industry. They offer fast speeds, ease of use, security, top level support, 24/7 live chat support, the ability to bypassing geo-blocking, 30 day money back guarantee and a safe and secure checkout.

.Plus, if you are keen to save some money, why not use one of the IPVanish coupon codes we have available at the top of this page? You might as well save a few dollars while staying protected online.