T95 Quad Core Android TV Box


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Style, elegance and quality. Three simple words that beautifully describe the T95 Android TV box, an Android TV box that’s designed to stand out from the crowd.

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T95 Quad Core Android TV Box
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T95 Quad Core Android TV Box

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Style, elegance and quality. Three simple words that beautifully describe the T95 Android TV box, an Android TV box that’s designed to stand out from the crowd.

In a world of cheap throw away consumables it’s rare to come across a thing of beauty that’s been built to last. Too often we are graced with cheap and inferior products, constructed out of plastic and designed to last just beyond their product warranty. But this, I’m glad to say, is not one of them.

The T95 quad core Android TV Box has a sturdy metallic body which instantly sets it apart from its competitors. No heap plastic case here. This was designed to last.

On the front of its stylish metal body sits a large, clear and easily seen LCD display. This box has been designed to fit in with your other media equipment. But once you have this the only other two pieces of equipment you’ll need are the TV and sound system.

Interestingly, unlike many other TV boxes on the market, the T95 Android TV box comes with an external WiFi antenna, not a built in one. This allows for far greater signal gain when using it with WiFi only. Our independant testing showed that it was able to pick up WiFi signals at a much further distance that the TV boxes with an internal antenna. You’d probably think that an external antenna would make the box look a little unsightly, but it doesn’t. It surprisingly adds to it’s looks and appeals. And if it does look unappealing to you, simply fold it down flat behind the rear of the box and only you wil know it’s there.

But the designers didn’t stop with the innovations at the external designs. On the inside sits a powerful quad core Cortex A5 2GHz CPU and an octo-core Mali-450 GPU and 1GB ram.

The box runs on Android 5.1, ensuring that it remains compatible with a huge selection of new Android apps. Not only will it remain compatible with more Android apps, but it ensures that it can continue to run the most recent version of Kodi for a long time to come. In fact, from Kodi 17 onward you will need at least Android version 5 to use new versions of Kodi (older versions will not be abandoned by Kodi and will still work on Kodi 16.1 or older without a problem).

Now for the fun stuff


The T95 quad core Android TV box comes fully loaded with Kodi 16.1. For those who are not familiar with Kodi, it’s an open source media centre which sources its content online, mostly for free. It’s a bit like having a satellite dish, only at a fraction of the cost. This is true IP TV for the masses.

You can watch live and replay sports from all corners of the globe. Catch up on the NFL, EPL, NBA, British and US Golf Opens, Wimbledon and French tennis open, extreme sports such as drag races, motor cross, skateboarding, surfing and BMX riding. Catch up on the latest news from world leading networks, and the lesser known ones too. Watch TV channels from different parts of the world with the push of a button. Your life will never be the same again.

Other apps

But it’s not just Kodi that makes this box great. It comes loaded with ShowBox, YouTube and Netflix, just to name a few. Enjoy the best and the worst the world of video has to offer with apps and more. More interested in local TV apps like ABC iView or TenPlay? Signup to Google Play using your Google account and download these and many more apps. Please read below notes regarding some premium streaming apps.

Presto, Stan and Foxtel Go: With money comes arrogance and ignorance. Unfortunately the developers of these apps have made it a difficult task to use these apps on your Android TV Box. Some have made it impossible, and others need a little hacking.

Presto: To access Presto you will need to install an app called hide my root. Once it has been installed open the app and click on “hide SU binary.” This will hide the root access of the box from the app and allow it to play. Even after doing this there’s no guarantee that it will work. Plus the app has a magnificent 1 star rating in the Play Store, so that should tell you a lot about its quality.

Stan: Stan works on rooted devices, but in their wisdom they didn’t allow for Ethernet connections as a method of connecting to the internet (nice job guys). To top it off you need a really good wireless connection for it to work as well as very stable internet. If both conditions aren’t met the app will try to connect using 3G, which the box doesn’t have. Even if both requirements are met, it may still not load, because the app is pretty awful.

Foxtel Go: The richer you are the more arrogant you become. This app will not work on any Android TV box, well not yet anyway. Foxtel, in all their wisdom have blocked their app from displaying content on external displays, such as TV’s. This even extends to Chromecasts. That’s right, according to them you may watch it on your phone or tablet, but not a TV from the same account or even device. So if you want to buy one for Foxtel, don’t. Better still, buy one for Netflix and Kodi and do away with your subscription altogether. Only when people start walking will they start to listen.

Being Android based you can download thousands upon thousands of apps. You can browse and update your social profiles, chat on Skype and even play your favourite app on your big screen TV. Launch that fowl tempered bird (see what I did there?) towards the pigs on a TV, or line up some blocks playing candy crush. But it gets a little better.

Retro gaming

If you’re a fan on the Super Nintendo SNES and grew up playing classics like Mario Bros, Zelda, Castlevania and Donkey Kong, this box can meet your desires. Simply download the snes9x EX+ app from the Play Store and get your retro game on. Connect it with a wireless USB game pad and you can introduce your kids to a whole new world of gaming.

Recommended accessories

We strongly recommend buying one of our accessory remote controls. Either the mini keyboard or airmouse for easy of use. Unfortunately Android is designed with touch screns in mind, and you can’t swipe your TV with this box. But one of the additional remotes will make it almost possible to swipe on your TV.


Hey, it’s a piece of tech equipment, so sometimes you’ll need a little help. Thankfully we have a definitive section full of troubleshooting hints and tips to help you on your way. You can browse or search for the answer you need, and you’ll be back on your feet in no time at all. Our help guides cover everything from poor video playback to connection problems and more.


Android version              5.1

Video quality                   4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p

Video format                   MPEG1, Mpeg2, MPEG4, VC-1, H.265, avi, mpeg, vob, mkv, ts, m2ts, wmv, rm, rmvb and so on.

Photo format                   JPG, BMP, PNG up to 80 mega pixels

Audio format                   MP3, WMA, WAV, MIDI, OGG, AC3 (some formats will need a third party app to play)

CPU                                   Quad core Cortex A5 2GHz

GPU                                   Octo-core Mail-450

Memory                            1Gb DDR3, 8Gb flash (expandable to 64Gb)

Storage card support    SD, SDHC, MMC

USB                                  2 X USB2.0 1.5A / 5V

Internet                           RJ45 Ethernet and Wi-Fi

Audio output                  Coaxial digital audio output, 3.5mm audio output, HDMI

Video Output                 HDMI, HMDI 1.4, AV through 3.5mm audio socket to RCA

Dimensions                    113mm x 113mm x 22mm

Weight                             256 grams

Power supply                 Australian power socket 5V, 2A


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kevin meredith
49 years 11 months ago

does this come with kodi 16.1 and can it be upgraded to kodi 17 or am i better waiting for kodi 17 to come out on a newer box and with marshmallow 6

Jolly John's
49 years 11 months ago

Hi Kevin,

This box comes with Kodi 16.1. Updating to 17 is pretty easy if you follow one of the guides that we have. Method 1 allows you to use the addons on another device, and method 2 is a little less time consuming. The T95 is in our opinion the 2nd best box that we stock. It could be some time (a month or 2) until any boxes with Kodi 17 installed hit the market.



49 years 11 months ago

whats the best box you have please


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