SJ4000 HD sports action camera waterproof 30 metres

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The SJ4000 full HD sports action camera is the stuff of dreams. It combines sport, action and videography into an amazing and awesome package. Who wouldn’t want that combination? I might also add that it’s at a price that is affordable, very affordable.

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The SJ4000 HD sports action camera is the stuff of dreams. It combines sport, action and videography into an amazing and awesome package. Who wouldn’t want that combination? I might also add that it’s at a price that is affordable, very affordable.

Ever since mankind discovered the magnificent brilliance or recording to film, people all over the world have endeavoured to push the limits of what they can catch on film. From the huge blockbuster films, right down to home movies and everything in between, people have been trying to capture moments to keep forever. Obviously in todays world with smart phones, the amount of video recording has reached a level where few people would have thought possible only 25 years ago. But  phones do have their limits though. Are you really going to take your $1,000 lifeline and strap it to your helmet while you attempt a jump across 20 buses? Or would you risk taking it under water to catch breathtaking moments with wildlife? Nah, didn’t think so. That’s why you need the SJ4000 HD sports action camera.

The SJ4000 HD sports acton camera is waterproof to 30 metres with its special transparent waterproof case, allowing you to film what you never thought possible.

While using it in HD mode, you can capture moments at 30 frames a second, or if you go to 640 x 480 (SD) you can record at an amazing 60 frames per second. This will allow you to playback in incredible slow motion. Yep, get that water balloon out and record throwing it at someones face in slow mo.

Its 100 degree wide angle shooting allows for more of the scenery, and action to be caught with every video recording. And with its 1.5″ high resolution LTPS LCD you can watch what you have just recorded in stunning clarity.

But there are a few points that you should know about to prolong the life of your SJ4000 HD sports action camera.

  • You must always ensure that the case is fully and correctly  sealed before use. Improper sealing can lead to irreparable damage, and it will not be covered by warranty.
  • After use in salt water, either a pool or at the beach, clean all components thoroughly to remove all trace of salt and water. Failure to do so can lead to corrosion to important components, causing damage to your camera.
  • Ensure the rubber seal is always kept free from debris of all types. Hair, sand, dirt and so forth can cause damage to the rubber seal. When this happens the seal around your camera becomes compromised, and eny submersion into water can cause damage. To put it into context, the pressure at 1.5 metres is 16.9 psi, or 116.4 kpa. That’s about half the pressure in a care tyre. At 10 metres it rises to 29 psi (201.8 kpa), which around normal tyre pressure. By the time you get to 30 metres the pressure is at a whopping 58.4 psi (402.9 kpa). That is equivalent to 4 kilograms of force per square centimetre, so a lot of pressure.
  • Please format your SD card on a PC before use, but make sure you backup any media on that card before formatting it. Once it has been formatted you will not be able to recover the lost media, ever.
  • Treat the camera as you would treat your eyes. Don’t point it at the sun because it will damage the sensor, and don’t point it where it isn’t wanted, someone might damage your eyes, and nose and teeth.
  • If it’s behaving abnormally, press the reset button to help get it back on its way again.
  • If you find that pressing the video / camera button causes the display to go blank, this is normal. Please don’t continuously press the button. But if you can’t resist, wait a few minutes for it to reset itself or restart it manually.
  • It doesn’t come with an Australian wall charger (I gotta deal with what they send me), so you will have to use either an adapter, a PC, your own wall or cigarette USB charger to charge. It’s just a standard micro USB charger. Chances are you already have one.

~Please note that this is not an SJCAM. This is a generic sports camera. If it were a SJCAM it wouldn’t be this price. I repeat. This is not an SJCAM or even pretends to be. It’s a generic camera.

~The retail box contains the information for the next model camera up. For some reason the factory packaged this camera in a larger box (perhaps to fit all of the accessories or fool consumers, I really don’t know. I’m just telling you what I see). Please refer to this listing for specifications.

~The camera says 1080p on the front of the camera and also on the settings. It only records in 720p and 640 x 480, even if you select 1080p. Yes, I’m as confused as you are, that’s why I’m selling it at the price I am.

It’s still a great camera for the money, and it still records in HD and is waterproof to 30 M.


Package Includes:
1 X Batteries
1 X Sports DV
1 X Waterproof Case
1 X Bicycle Stand
1 X Base 1
1 X Base 2
1 X Clip
1 X Fixed Base
1 X Switch Support 1
1 X Switch Support 2
1 X Switch Support 3
1 X Adapter
1 X Helmet Base
1 X Bandage
1 X Ribbon
1 X 3M Adhesive Tape
1 X Wire Rope
1 X Data Wire
1 X Charger (Damn US one, but an adapter, PC or any USB charger will work)
1 X Manual
1 X Cleaning wipe


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