Philips V-Line 200V4QSBR 19.5″ Full HD VGA LCD Monitor


The Philips V-Line 200V4QSBR 19.5″ LED monitor is a must have display for every desktop PC. The full HD display combined with its incredible contrast and colours gives you an experience that you are guaranteed to be pleased with.

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The Philips 200V4QSBR 19.5″ FHD LED Monitor may be small in price, but it’s large in features. From offering a full HD display to incredibly amazing contrast ratios, you’ll be impressed beyond expectation.

Philips MVA LED display uses a mulit-domain vertical alignment which gives you super high static contrast ratios for vivid and bright images. This makes it especially suited to high end graphics, such as high quality images, HD videos, web content, gaming and demanding graphic applications. The optimized pixel management technology gives it an incredible 178/178 extre wide viewing angle resulting in crisp images.

The 16:9 full HD display offers crisp detaiiled images that you have come to expect. The 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution combined with high brightness, incredible contrast and realistic colours gives you a truely releastic picture.

SmartControl Lite is the next generation 3D icon based GUI monitor control software.this allows the user to fine tune most parameters such as brightness, contrast and colour with the mouse.

SmartContrast is a Philips technology that analyses the content that you are viewing and automatically adjusts the colour and backlight intensity to dynamically enhance the contrast for best digital images and videos where dark hues are displayed. When in economy mode the contrast is adjusted and backlighting fine-tuned so that the display is just right for everyday office applications Ans lower power consumption.

The Philips 200V4QSBR 19.5″ FHD LED monitor is also environmentally friendly, being manufactured without mercury, one of the worlds most toxic substances.this reduces its environmental impact from the time it was manufactured untilnits disposal.

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Weight 3.1 kg
Dimensions 47 × 10 × 35 cm


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