Panasonic Tough Lumix Digital Camera DMC-FT30

The Panasonic Tough Lumix digital camera is the camera that you have been waiting for. Not only does this camera take incredible photos, but it’s built to last. In fact, it’s built incredibly tough. It’s the ideal camera for outdoor use.

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OK, I get it. Everyone has a phone today that has a camera built in. And a lot of those phones can take quite good photos. But there are a few simple facts that you have to keep in mind when comparing an ordinary phone to a dedicated camera.

  1. Cost. Most phones are designed with multiple features, and you get what you pay for. A cheap phone will have a cheap camera and result in cheap looking photos. In short, the camera is just one part of the device, and to keep costs down manufacturers use cheaper components
  2. Lens and shutters. The lens and shutters of dedicated cameras are traditionally of far better quality. Most phone lens’ are exposed 100% of the time, leaving them vulnerable to damage, such as scratches and cracks.
  3. Easier to expand the memory. Have you ever tried to add a card to a phone? It’s possible, but not that easy. A camera makes the process fast.
  4. Better flash. While many phones have LED flashes, they are a poor cousin to the traditional camera flash, which results in much better exposure.

But with those points out of the way why should you buy a Panasonic Tough Lumix digital camera? In short, it’s tough.

This camera has been designed with rugged outdoor use in mind. Take it hiking, fishing or snorkeling, rock climbing, skydiving or off roading. This camera can withstand just about everything that you throw at it. It adopts GPS, compass, altimeter and even barometer to show and record altitude and orientation data. The Red Colour Reproduction of Advanced Underwater Mode has been designed to compensate for the red colour which is lost in underwater shooting to make it look more natural. It’s been designed specifically for outdoor use.

  • Camera Effective Pixels: 16.1 MP
  • Sensor Size / Total Pixels / Filter: 1/2.33-inch CCD Sensor / 16.6 Total Megapixels / Primary Color Filter
  • Aperture: F3.9 – 5.7 / 2-step (F3.9 / 9.0(W), F5.7 / 13.0(T))
  • Optical Zoom: 4x
  • Extra Optical Zoom (EZ): 5.1x (4:3 / 10M), 7.2x (4:3 / 5M), 9.0x (under 3M)
  • Intelligent Zoom: 8x
  • Focusing Area: Normal: Wide 50 cm – infinity / Tele 100 cm – infinity
  • Shutter Speed: approx. 8 – 1/1300 sec
  • HD Video: 1280 x 720 pixels, 25fps (HD: 10Mbps / MP4)
  • Dimensions: 103.7 x 58.3 x 19.7 mm (W x H x D)


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Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 16 cm

Orange, Black


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