MXQ Pro 4K Ultra HD Quad Core Android TV Kodi Box

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You’ve seen and loved our HD quad core TV box, now fall in love all over again on a whole new level with the MXQ Pro 4K ultra HD Android TV box. This is taking entertainment to an entire new level.


You’ve seen and loved our HD quad core TV box, now fall in love all over again on a whole new level with the MXQ Pro 4K ultra HD Android TV box. This is taking entertainment to an entire new level.

The MXQ Pro Android TV box has taken the best features of the popular and reliable MXQ and expanded and improved them. With more options and a clarity like never before, you’ll be wondering how you ever did without this amazing box.

Forget the dull pixelated world of 1080P resolution. Now you can combine the latest in sharp imagery on massive LED LCD screens with the 4k Ultra HD streaming from providers such as Netflix. This box coupled with the NBN makes for fun.

The MXQ Pro has been built with style, affordability and reliability in mind. The designers took a keep it simple approach in the aesthetic design. It’s a simple black box, compact yet not out of place in any living room. Its simplistic black design with straight edges will fit into any decore.

The box comes with a sturdy and powerful Amlogic S905 quad core processor and 1 GB of DDR3 ram. This combines to deliver smooth video delivery either over the web, your local home network or even from an external hard drive. There will be no breaking of video playback with this little wonder.

Now you’re probably thinking that with all of this design and technology the price will be sky high. Think again. They have managed to pack this Android TV box full of features, but keep the price down at the same time. But don’t think that just because the price is low they have compromised on quality. These are as reliable as ever, and will satisfy your daily need for a very long time.

What can you do with the MXQ Pro quad core Android TV Box?

The box runs on Android 5.1 lollipop, the latest version of the Android operating system. Being Android, it has access to hundreds of thousands of apps available in the Google Play store market. You can download social apps, dating apps, games, and best of all, media apps.

Install and watch catch TV using the ABC iView app, Tenplay or any other freeview app available on the marketplace. Watch streaming TV from Netflix, Stan, Presto or Getflix. Entertain yourself with YouTube, Facebook and Vine videos. The options are almost endless. But the best is yet to come.

With the Kodi app that comes pre-installed you can watch TV from around the world, and for free. The Kodi app can also access the latest TV shows and movies in glorious HD. The amount of content in Kodi will make Netflix look like a joke.

What is Kodi?

  • Please note. These boxes are not fully loaded and come with the official version of Kodi and only legal streaming apps.

Imagine a place like your old fashioned video rental store, but where everything that you could ever imagine is right at your fingertips. EVERYTHING! It has catch up TV, live TV, international TV,  including sports, movies, kids shows, and well, we’ll leave it to your imagination. In short, it’s the ultimate entertainment system. THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!

This box is loaded with the latest version of KODI and is designed to update online, meaning that the add-ons will always update by themselves, ensuring no add-on is left outdated. With every release of KODI some add-ons may not work. Once the developer of the add-on has released an update it will work perfectly.

Here’s a small example of the addons that you can experience.


maxresdefault (6)

AirPlay and mirror cast. Project your phone or tablet onto your big screen tv


To begin with AirPlay you will only need the following

  • iPhone 4s or later
  • iPad 2 or later, Ipad mini
  • iPod touch 4th generation or later

For Miracast you will only need an Android or Windows phone or tablet with the capability built in. To see if it will work drag down with 2 fingers on your Android and see if the mrror casting option is available.

These boxes are all setup and ready to use (Netflix, YouTube). All you have to do is plug in the HDMI lead, connect it to power, insert batteries into the remote and start enjoying your entertainment like you would never believe. Other streaming apps can be installed in minutes

It comes with a selection of entertainment apps already installed. They include Netflix, Kodi, YouTube, Facebook and more. If there’s something else you would like to install you have access to literally thousands of apps in the Android marketplace.

KODI not for you?

Don’t worry. This box also comes installed with popular streaming TV apps such as Showbox, Plex, Crackle, Netflix and YouTube. Install local content apps such as ABC iView, ABC iView for Kids, Stan, Presto, TenPlay, Plus7, 9Now and more with a free Google account. Don’t feel like watching TV. Use the Android box as an Android based PC and you can browse the net, play games from the Google Play Store, check in on Facebook and Twitter and so much more. With over 700,000 apps available in the Play Store the choices are almost endless.


Not to say that you will actually have problems, but if you do most can be easily solved.

Remote not working: Test the remote using a camera. Place the IR towards the lens of a digital camera and press some buttons. If the IR doesn’t light up the remote control is faulty. Contact us for a free replacement.

Video is buffering: Usually related to slow internet. Some video streaming apps require different connection speeds. As a minimum it is recommended that a 8 mbps line speed be in place. Some apps such as Foxtel and Netflix need a 3 mbps and 1 mbps line speed respectively. I strongly recommend testing the service you wish to use on a pc or phone before purchasing. Reset your router and check your wiring and wireless signal. Use online testing tools to determine the speed of your connection. Anything under 3 Mbps will result in poor video quality. Contact your ISP for help. If it isn’t the ISP’s fault it will be the content provider. In this case send them a contact to bring it to their attention. If it’s in Kodi try a different stream.

Apps are saying no connection to the internet: Check your connections and the app permissions. If you haven’t granted the app permission to the internet you will have to rectify this. Failing this fix delete the offending app and install it again.

Netflix and other apps are difficult to use: Navigation issues with apps such as Netflix are often encountered and they are not a fault of the box. The apps were designed for touch screen devices, something that you can not emulate 100% on a television with the remote that comes with the box. To overcome this problem we strongly recommend that you purchase either a mini keyboard or air mouse remote control. Either of these affordable devices will improve usability for these apps several times over, and many other apps as well.

Box crashes: Turn the box off and on again. If the problem persists go into settings and do a factory reset. This will clear any software problems and restore the box to the original factory defaults.

Box locks up: Inside the AV port on the rear is a small button. Using something like a tooth pick gently hold the button down until the box restarts. This will perform a manual reboot and reset. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Netflix and or remote become unresponsive: This is not a fault of the box. It’s partly to do with the design of the remote control the box comes with and how the app is designed for touch screen devices. The remote, which is a simple point and click remote like a TV remote, is unable to emulate a touch and swipe input like phones and tablets do. We strongly recommend the purchase of the mini keyboard or air mouse to make using the box, especially in Netflix a lot easier. Either the mini keyboard or air mouse will allow you to emulate a touch response on your TV.

Stan doesn’t work: Stan is a difficult app. In the store it has a low rating thanks to its lack of compatible devices. Our experience with this box is that Stan is an unreliable app, and best avoided with this box. Problems you may encounter include not playing titles, even after selecting one and crashing or force closing. These problems are with the app and not the box. Please reach out to the developer through the Play Store to request an update.

Apps won’t work on jailbroken devices: Install an app called “hide my root.” Go into the hide my root app and select “hide SU binary.” After activating this option go over all of your settings again to make sure it didn’t change anything. You should now be able to access the previously blocked app.

We recommend visiting our help page for more information and troubleshooting tips and ideas, as well as user manuals and more.

In the box:

1 x MXQ Pro

1 x HDMI lead

1 x Australian power lead for Australia or New Zealand power supply
or CE certified EU power lead if in Europe
1 x Remote control

1 x Owners manual

2 x AAA batteries
Please note: Buyer outside of Australia are responsible for any customs duties or VAT that may be applicable to this purchase and it is not included in the final fee (Australian GST included for all Australian sales)

*Screenshot images for illustration purposes only

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