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Fire Emblem Warriors
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Fire Emblem Warriors

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In Fire Emblem Warriors, the player controls one or more of Fire Emblem’s heroes, acting as army general(s) on the battlefield. While the game mainly features hack-‘n’-slash / beat-’em-up elements, with the player’s character facing hordes of enemies, it also includes a light strategy aspect in terms of commanding and coordinating allied units.
In Story Mode the player will control most of the playable characters and follow the story of the twins Rowan and Lianna in the kingdom of Aytolis as heroes from other worlds appear. Together they must reawaken the legendary Shield of Flames, with five Gleamstones carried by the heroes from other worlds…
Local cooperative multiplayer allows a second player to join the game.
Over 20 playable characters from the Fire Emblem franchise.
Switch and New Nintendo 3DS versions are feature-identical, with few exceptions to multiplayer and graphics
Takes popular conventions from Fire Emblem series (such as weapons triangle, class change).
Swap between playable heroes mid-battle.

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