12 tw64 fitness activity trackers – mixed colurs


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12 tw64 fitness activity trackers - mixed colurs
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12 tw64 fitness activity trackers - mixed colurs

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This order is for 12 trackers with free express postage

6 black

1 red

2 pink

1 blue

2 slate blue

Join a growing trend and follow your fitness affordably with this new and cheap fitness activity tracker.

We all know how important it is to remain fit and healthy, but it can be difficult to know exactly what you are achieving. You can certainly go for a run or a brisk walk, but what about all of the other things that you do throughout the day? Well, wonder no more. Our fitness activity tracker will take the guesswork out of your daily exercise regime. Simply pair it with your mobile device and you are on your way to better health.

But it does much more than just track your movement.

nt your daily steps
Measure the distance you have travelled
Know how many calories you have burned
Get insights into your sleep patterns
Manage events, such as when to take medication, meetings and appointments
Call and message reminders
Tell the time the old fashioned way without your phone
Anti-lost feature with positive and negative direction
Vibration alarm
Weatherproof to IP67
This is the perfect companion for your smart phone. Even if you are not interested in fitness, this smart little fitness activity tracker does so much more than just track your fitness.

The band is made out of TPU Polymer composite materials. This provides comfort, reduced weight and adds durability. This space age material is as light as a feather, comes in a variety of different colors, and will never fade. Get a unique color and stand out, or go for a more traditional color. The choice is yours.

Connect to your mobile device with Bluetooth 4.0BLE

The screen is OLED 64*32, providing high quality with a minimalistic design

Compatible devices:
IOS 6.1+ and Android 4.3+

ery normally lasts about 1 week, and for approximately three months on standby, with a full charge.

Don’t delay and get your fitness activity tracker now. Perfect for yourself, family or friends.

Movnow Plus troubleshooting (the Android app)
Whilst the tracker doesn’t actually require the available app to work correctly, some users have found problems with the app and the device which are easy to solve.

Connection and account creation problems:

1. Please ensure that you have the correct app installed. There are two movnow apps in the Android market, Movnow and Movnow Plus. Ensure you download the Movnow Plus app (see image). Follow this link to the Google Play store Movnow Plus app.

movnow plus

2. When you enter your email address please make sure there are no trailing spaces. This can happen with predictive text. Selecting your email address from the keyboard option will place a space after the address, which will give an error message. Simple either type the address out in full, or select it and hit the backspace.

Can not pair the device

Please ensure both the phone and tracker are charged, and you are not charging the tracker while trying to sync. If connection fails, move the phone and tracker closer together and try syncing again.

Ensure you are using the correct version of the app (Movnow Plus).

Please make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.

Bluetooth connection failure

The Bluetooth connection is a comonly mentioned problem, but an easy one to solve. The first step to try is go into the app and pull down to refresh the sync. Under most circumstances this will solve the connection problem. If this fails tap on the quick connect in the app. If this fails there could be a problem with the connection on the mobile. Go to the mobile and disable the Bluetooth for between 5 and 10 seconds and re-enable it. Try connecting again. By this stage most connection problems will be solved. If you are still having problems some people have reported deleting the app and reinstalling it solves the problem, but this is something that I have never had to do.

Inaccurate steps counting

We must point out that the activity tracker, like all fitness activity trackers, is a pedometer. It doesn’t use GPS or other advanced technologies to detect your movements. It uses vibrations from movement to determine your steps. As with all pedometers, there is a degree of inaccuracy in the measurements.

Pedometers detect small movements as steps. These movements can be, and are often steps, but can also be bumps on a road or using your hand for simple tasks. We have tested its accuracy against the leading brand in the market, Fitbit, and the step counts were almost identical to the Fitbit (within .05% of what the Fitbit was detecting as movement). This is a problem faced by all pedometers, and not just this particular one, and as we managed to prove by wearing both trackers on the same arm for 2 days, they are as accurate as a Fitbit.

In using the tracker and app on an iPhone we have not found there to be any problems as described above. This seems to be a problem more specific to some Androids, and are nearly always easy to solve. Since I was able to update my own Android firmware to 4.4 I have been using it myself with huge satisfaction.

Please note. Due to different settings on different monitors the actual colour might not exactly match what you are seeing.

Package includes
TW64 Activity tracker
USB charging lead
Instruction manual

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