This document sets out the terms of the Jolly John’s Partner Program (affiliate program).


  1. Jolly John’s Online Discounts is offering an affiliate program known as the Jolly John’s Partner Program.
  2. The partner program is open to all people willing to participate.
  3. The partner program allows members to earn a commission, as set out by Jolly John’s Online Discounts, for any sales they help generate.
  4. Members are given a unique URL or banner to share wherever they like to help drive sales. Banners should be placed on personal or business websites, and URL’s can be used on personal or business websites, emails or social networks. Banners and URL’s can be found in your Partner account area and under the Partner Program tab on products.
  5. The referred person does not have to make a purchase immediately to earn the referrer a commission. The Partner will earn commissions that result in sales from any link clicks that take place for a period of 30 days. For example. Sarah shares a link to Facebook and one of her friends visits Jolly John’s but does not make a purchase. Five days later that friend decides to come back to Jolly John’s directly (without clicking on a partner link) and makes a purchase. Sarah will receive a commission for that purchase. If that same friend comes back and makes seven more purchases within 30 days of the original visit Sarah will get a commission for each sale made by her friend. After 30 days Sarah will no longer earn any commissions from that friend unless they click on a new partner link.


  1. All partners must use a link or banner generated specifically for them to earn commissions. Failure to do so will result in no commission earnings.
  2. Partner can use their links as often as they like provided they do not harass people.
  3. Rates and payment terms are specified in the rates and payments section of this policy
  4. We reserve the right to discontinue the program at any time without notice. All earnings up until the time of discontinuation will be paid at the next payment date provided the partner meets the minimum payment required.
  5. We reserve the right to remove any partner for violations or perceived violations under our misuse policy as outlines below. All earnings not paid at time of suspension or removal will not be removed from your account.
  6. The referred buyer must remain in the same browser for the partner to earn a commission and must not clear their browser cookies.

Misuse, suspensions and removals

Failure to abide to the rules will see partners suspended or permanently removed from the program

  1. Partners must not use any method to artificially generate sales to generate a commission.
  2. Partners must not hack or infiltrate this website to alter the commission rate.
  3. Partners must not collude with others to acquire sales that may later become charge backs
  4. Partners must not place links of sites associated with adult content or illegal sites. This includes porn sites, hactivists sites, child pornography sites,and so forth. In general, if it’s a site that you would use in a private or incognito browser or one that you would clear your browsing history after visiting you must not place links onto it.
  5. Partners must not use another username, account, identity, address, name or alias to purchase goods from their own links to receive a commission.
  6. Partners must not in any way criticise or make any comments about Jolly John’s Online Discounts that may be negative.

Rates and Payments

  1. The minimum payment amount is $10. If that threshold isn’t met by the end of the month it will roll onto the following month
  2. Payments will be made with PayPal. Any fees associated with PayPal will be the responsibility of the partner
  3. Affiliate rates are currently set at 7.5% of the sale price and can change at any time without notice.
  4. The current cookie time is set to 30 days, giving partner referrals 30 days to make purchases.