How to Make a Custom Kodi Build

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to make a custom Kodi build. Unlike the prepared ones, you’ll be able to style and design it to your own liking, as well as add the shortcuts and widgets that are most important to you. You can make it as large or small as you like, and with all of the features of a professional build, or slimmed down to a streamlined and thin build.

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So why would you want your own build? As we all know, Kodi builds are a vast improvement on the standard Kodi setup. They offer a vast array of working add-ons, easy shortcuts and widgets to make accessing the content that matters to you quicker, as well as a brilliant display of backgrounds. Imagine Kodi on steroids. The benefit of designing your own is that you can take it to the next level. Your own builds will be customised to include what you want first, and what is most relevant to you. You will also have the backgrounds that you want. In short, it’ll be the build just for you. A note of warning. It is quite lengthy, but not that difficult to accomplish.

How to make a custom Kodi build

For ease, we have included a video above for you to watch step by step and pause when necessary. You may want to watch it a couple of times to be sure that you have everything in check. This will be easier to do on a PC than another device, but will also work on TV boxes, phones, tablets and Firesticks.

Before we delve too deep into this article I think it’s best to remind those familiar with Kodi (and those new to it) that it’s an ever-evolving system. Due to the nature of the beast many add-ons come and go, most often without warning or fanfare. Most of the time you won’t even be aware that your favourite add-on has been shut down as it will often continue to work, but as time goes by you’ll begin to notice fewer and fewer links are working. This is simply due to the add-on being abandoned and new fresh links not being picked up. That’s why it’s super important to stay on top of the game and check here on a regular basis for new Kodi add-on releases. Again, if your favourite addon no longer works it’s not a problem with your device or Kodi, the individual behind the add-on has simply walked away from developing it further to keep it running

  1. First, download the Aeon Nox Silvo skin from this website
  2. Download some 1920 x 1080 images from the web. They can even be your own personal photos. Just make sure they are 1920 x 1080 in size
  3. Create a new folder in an easy to locate space.
  4. Move the downloaded file to the folder along with the images
  5. Create some new folders inside that folder. Name them single background, multi-background. If you have several multi-background folders just name them 1, 2 etc.
  6. Place your images into the folders. If you want to have a multi-image background place images into the multi-image folders. For single image backgrounds place them in the single image folder.
  7. Open Kodi
  8. Go to settings
  9. Go to System Settings
  10. Hover over add-ons and enable unknown sources
  11. Go back one screen
  12. Tap on file manager
  13. Click on add source
  14. Select browse and locate the folder or folders with your images. Select one and then click OK.
  15. Repeat the process for each folder.
  16. Go all the way back to the main screen
  17. Go to add-ons
  18. Click on the open box which is your add-on explorer
  19. Click install from zip
  20. Select the file that you just downloaded. Wait for it to install.
  21. A screen should open asking if you want to use the skin. Click yes.
  22. You will be asked if you want to keep the skin. Click yes. The screen will reload with the new blank Aeon Nox Silvo skin.
  23. If you are asked to add images select no and add them later.
  24. Hover over SYSTEM and go down to skin settings
  25. Move across one and down one to set the menu position, Aeon nox main menu horizontal position. Press OK or enter to change it to low
  26. Move up to Setup the Aeon nox main menu. This will be our main working option
  27. First we will setup the Movies menu option
  28. On the left menu go down to movies so it’s highlighted then move to the right panel
  29. If you want you can change the label to something other than Movies. For now leave it as is.
  30. Next click on change action
  31. A small window will appear. Move down and select add-ons
  32. Select video add-ons
  33. Select the add-on you are using. In this case I am working with Covenant.
  34. Select movies
  35. Select most popular (or whichever option you prefer)
  36. On the next screen click on create menu item to here
  37. Next click manage submenu
  38. When the new screen opens All of the options on the left side of the screen can be enabled or disabled by hovering over top of them moving to the right and toggling the disable button.
  39. Select an option you wish to use and them when it’s highlighted move to the right
  40. Go down to set action and click ok or press enter
  41. Select add-ons
  42. Select video add-ons
  43. Select Covenant (or the add-on you are using)
  44. Select movies
  45. Click on Genre
  46. Click on action or romance (you can make any choice you want here)
  47. Click on create menu item to here
  48. Next go back one screen and click on select background
  49. When the box comes up advising about not finding images just click OK
  50. Select either single image folder or a multi-image folder and click OK
  51. Next go down to select widget 1 and press enter
  52. An add-on required box will appear. Click OK and wait for it to download the required files.
  53. When it has finished click on select widget 1
  54. On the next screen on the right column click on select widget
  55. Go all of the way down to add-ons and select it
  56. Select video add-ons
  57. Select Covenant (or the add-on you are using)
  58. Select movies
  59. Click on most popular
  60. Click on use as widget
  61. Rename it to something catchy or leave it as it is and click done
  62. Next go down to case and click OK or enter
  63. You’ll have four options. I like glass, but you can select any case you like or none and press OK or enter
  64. Go down to panel widget info and press enter.
  65. When the window opens click on enabled

And that’s it. You have successfully created your first menu option and customised it to your personal preferences. To add TV shows, live TV, music videos and more simply follow the same process as above for each option. If you want to add another menu option simply change one, for example pictures, to something else such as sports or XXX add-ons.

To change a menu items name follow the following steps

  1. Hover over system and select skin settings
  2. Select Setup the Aeon nox main menu
  3. On the left menu hover over pictures and then move to the right screen
  4. Go down to set label and click on it to rename it
  5. Click Done when finished
  6. If you don’t want any labels to appear o the menu simply click on disable

Once you have set all of your menu options up it’s ready to use. From here you can then zip it and share it on other installs of Kodi.

So that concludes our guide on how to make a custom Kodi build. In our next tutorial, we will show you how to zip it up and share it abroad.

how to make a custom Kodi build


That concludes our tutorial. We hope that you found it informative and useful. Please remember to check back here on a regular basis for more guides, tips, tricks and latest information.

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