We struggle to provide the best possible price for our shoppers. We are able to keep prices as low as possible by not having to pay for a traditional bricks and mortar shopfront. We try to save every last cent possible for our shoppers by streamlining many aspects of our online store.

We do understand that many of the items that we sell are cheaper from foreign sellers. However there are many factors that come into play that many people are unaware of.

  • Until July 1, 2017 there is no GST applicable on imports under $1000. We have to pay GST on all sales we make.
  • Many items sent from foreign sellers are marked as gifts to avoid paying any customs duties. For the items which attract a duty we have to pay at the time of importing them
  • There is no obligation for foreign sellers to provide warranties or returns which allows for much lower pricing. The return postage for faulty items will typically be at the buyers cost.
  • Sellers based in countries such as China can post the items to you in Australia for less than you can post a letter down the end of the street. This is because of the international postal agreement in force between worldwide postal services. This is one reason that domestic postal services have been increasing in cost, to compensate the increasing volume of international parcels arriving at very low costs and requiring delivery at full cost to Australia Post.
  • Foreign sellers also take very little care in packaging their items safely and many will arrive damaged with no protection at all.

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