Hello and welcome to Jolly John’s Online Discounts, where your dollar will go further!

So if you are here right now you are probably wondering what we are all about. Well, it’s probably best to put you out of your misery.

Our main focus is on consumer electronics. From phones, cameras and activity trackers through to dashcams, digital bluetooth thermometers, breathalyzers and digital cameras. They are the things designed to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. However, we are not limited to this line of products. We also cater for growing minds with toys and games, and for the adults of the house, by providing normal househld items at very attractive and affordable prices.

Everyone loves a bargain. No matter what it is, if we can get it cheaply we are all happy. But as many of us know, it’s not always easy to get the best and most up to date items at a reasonable price. It’s often the case that to get the most recent i something-or-other we have to wait until the generation after the next has been released.┬áBut the problem with this method is that it’s no longer the latest gadget or gizmo, and we are left behind once again. However, things are about to change, and we are here to help.

A compromise in price doesn’t mean a compromise in quality. We are here to give everyone a cheaper product, and hopefully make you happy in the process. If you are happy, we are jolly.

But we don’t only sell generic products. As time progresses we will continue to get the best of the best, along with the more affordable itmes, and we will always try to be the cheapest on the market. If we aren’t the cheapest, we will help drive down our competitors prices, so everyone can save. Now that is something that should put a smile on everyone’s faces.

So what can you expect from us?

Some of the best prices imaginable

Affordable products

Friendly service

Incredible sales

and much more…