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AfterPay, the number one trusted payment option today

If you’re looking for a new Afterpay TV and enjoy the benefits of fast delivery, quality products from a trusted retailer, look no further. With glowing reviews and an amazing choice of TV’s to pick from, you won’t need to search much further to find what you’re looking for. From small screen LED TV’s through to large screen smart TV’s and top of the line Samsungs, we offer a spectacular range of quality televisions on Afterpay.

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Have you been looking for that perfect home item or gift, but just can’t afford it right now? Introducing Afterpay, the better way to shop.

Afterpay makes buying fun and super easy. Apart from the convenience, it spreads out the purchase over 4 small fortnightly repayments. It’s like lay-by, but so much better. You get to use your product straight away.

You can buy your new TV like magic too, or a camera, Kodi TV Box, laptop, phone or just about anything that you can think of. With the simplicity of this innovative payment option, you can get your item now with minimal waiting time. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits

  • Get a new afterpay TV
  • Easy fortnightly repayments
  • Fast and easy approvals
  • Prompt and reliable shipping

How does Afterpay work?

afterpay tv


Pay in 4 simple fortnightly instalments


100% interest-free. No extras. No catches.


No lengthy application. Instant approval online.

Click here for Afterpay’s terms. Discover What’s New here.

Why you should buy a television on afterpay

OK, I won’t beat around the bush. Afterpay is great, there’s no denying it. The service makes shopping fun and helps people purchase those things that they really want or need. How often have you seen something and thought to yourself, “Gee, I’d love to have that if only I had $xx,”? I’ve been there myself. But with afterpay that is no longer a problem. Now you can get those items that you have been longing for.

When you think of it, this isn’t a small, one-off purchase. This is something that’s going to last you many years. By buying a television on afterpay you can split that initial cost of the product into four smaller payments, making it so much more affordable. Not only that, but the process is quick and easy.

Our other payment options

Zip. Similar to afterpay, zip allows you to make larger purchases and pay them off in smaller increments. Instead of spreading them off over 4 payments, they are spread out over longer periods of time with only a minimum monthly repayment of $40.


Everyone has heard of PayPal. It’s the most widely used payment system for online transactions. It’s safe, secure, easy to use and there are no fees for the buyer.

Transactions are made very simple if you have a PayPal account. The funds for the purchase are safely and securely sent from the buyers account to vendors account instantly.

But it’s not only for users who have a PayPal account. Even if you don’t have a PayPal account you can still use this safe service. Simple select PayPal during checkout and instead of signing into Paypal, just use your credit card details to pay for your purchase.


Stripe are one of the worlds leading credit card payment gateways. They offer safe and secure servers and process your payments with easy.

Payments made with Stripe are predominantly credit cards and Visa debit cards. Your financial institution may have fees for processing the transaction.

Still unsure? Why not view the afterpay terms and conditions and our dispute resolution process?